To my brothers and sisters

To my brothers and sisters

facing persecution

I pray for you

That you may stand

Even in the face of adversity

May God’s blessing and His supernatural peace

Flood your lives

As you stand firm for Jesus

May God’s Spirit give you the courage

To continue standing for Christ

Even if all is taken away from you

We applause you

For you stand for our Lord

You are willing to lose your very life

For the sake of Christ

More courage to you my brothers and sisters!

The Lord Jesus will indeed reward each one of you

God sees it all, nothing is hidden from Him

He watches over you, He smiles over you

His Spirit comforts you

Jesus loves you dearly


My precious ones

So close to my heart

How I long to welcome you into My presence

It won’t be long

Until I wash your tears away

When you see me you will forget all the pain

You will be filled with joy and you will be whole again

For I have paid the full price

Keep standing my dear ones

I am waiting to welcome you

You have stood for Me

You love me even if you have lost almost everything

So I will announce your names openly

Because you have announced Mine

You have not been ashamed to declare Me before men

I am coming

Hang on

I am coming for you

I am your King

I am also the King


Your Lord,


© Catherine Maina 2017


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