The brook

The brook

I took enough water with me for my trip. I was really excited about this trip; friends had told me it would be the “trip of a life time”, so off I went. Strange enough, there were more people taking this trip than I thought.

Some had brought water to drink, while some had not. As we walked on many people ran out of water, so I decided to share but my water ran out!

As I was walking, wondering how I would make it through the journey without water, I heard a whisper, “there is a brook just a few steps from where you are you will find enough water for yourself and everyone else. Keep walking and when you reach the brook drink as much as you need!” Oh how excited I was! Then as I drank I thought of the others who were also thirsty and had nothing to drink, “I must hurry and tell them about the brook!” There was a sense of agency. All those thirsty souls! But where did the water come from? Whose whispers lead me to this brook?

The trip is in my journey through this life. The Holy Spirit leads me to the brook. My Jesus is the living water. Those thirsty souls are friends, family or even colleagues at work who are searching for the purpose of life. When I am at my wits end and feel as if I cannot give any more I ran to this brook, drink from it and carry some water to give. Jesus is more than enough for me and for you. Thank you Lord that I can draw water from You and I will never thirst again!



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