Dear Father,

I have read your letters, and I am overwhelmed by Your love for me. Your compassion is amazing and it is difficult to comprehend that someone would love me this much. Thank you so much for forgiving me and for all the second chances. No one has ever loved me this way.

I am writing this letter to say that I love You and to tell you that I love being with You. You are fascinating! to think that You created me and everything else around me. I want to be with You, it is a delight to be with You. It is a great privilege to come to You and speak with You.

You are supernaturally intelligent yet you still maintain an amazing sense of humor! You are a great Father and a perfect friend, You can be trusted. You stay with me, in both the good and the bad times. You are amazing; there is no one like You,  I love You.

Your loving daughter

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