Moms and daughters.

Sitting at a cafe
Enjoying the “coffee of the day”
“Kaffee des Tages”
Why not
Sitting by the huge window
I see a mom with her teenage daughter
I start writing

Moms and daughters
So alike
So different
So gifted
So unsure
So strong
So generous

Dear mom
I think that you are an amazing person
I may not always like it but I see a lot of you in me
Mom if only you knew
I can only hope to be half the person you are
I admire you
For so many reasons
Even though you drive me crazy sometimes
I love you

Dear daughter
My heart is pounding
I am so proud
I love you I pray for you all the time!
I hope that all your dreams come true
That you utilize all that potential that you have
I will cross the rivers and oceans
All of it for you baby girl
I love you

© 2022 Catherine Maina

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