The story

Incredible book

God’s word

God’s story

He pulls the curtain aside

So that we can have a peek

Into His world

Hear His side of the story

And just sit

Sit and listen

Sit and learn

Sit and experience

The story

Of love and compassion

Of justice and righteousness

The story is never quite finished

It is all about Him and His creation

A long story

Mortility touching immortality

Holy touching common

Where does all this lead?

Everything will be made new

Everything will be in place

A home

The spirit returns to sprit

The soul redeemed

A home for the soul

Oh these precious souls

That cost a savior’s life


Worth fighting for

Worth protecting

Worth saving

The soul of a man

The heart of a savior

The love of a good shepherd

Restoring the soul

Leading the soul

In paths of life


My soul

Choose life

The good shepherd

Reaches out

Calls out

Follow me

Love me

Love me

I have laid down

My life

Will you follow me?

A home for the soul

A place of rest

The Word became flesh

And dwelt among us  

© 2022 Catherine Maina

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