Little things. . . Insignificant things.

At first glance small and insignificant
The rock not made of human hands, empires fall
The stone that the builders ignored, becomes the most important
The five stones and a sling, Goliath falls
Two fish five bread, multitudes are fed
Men gathered in the upper room, revival
A baby born in a manger, eternal king
A shepherd boy anointed as king… His older brothers astonished
A Jewish man, a rabbi crucified, the Teacher
Oh mysteries upon mysteries

The cross ,the glory
The shepherd, the sheep, the King

“Show me your glory.”

“I will show you My goodness.”

The king riding on a donkey
The servant king
Washing the feet of the disciples
Where is the glory?
Where is the glamour?
Where is fame?

“Let my sons sit at your right side with you.” A mother pleads

“Will they share in my suffering?”

Where is the glory?
Where is fame?

© 2021 Catherine Maina

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