You are Jesus.

Luke 9:18

“Who do the crowds say I am ?”

Luke 9:20

” But who do you say I am?”

You are

Our Kingsman redeemer

Our healer

Our Lord

Our master

The head of the church

The good shepherd

The prince of peace

The son of God

You are

The saviour of the world

My comfort

My shield

My joy

My peace

My fortress

My God and my Lord

You are

The most beautiful song ever sang

The rose of Sharon

The beloved

The bridegroom

The great reward

You are Jesus

The son of the most high God



Mighty God

Everlasting Father

The son given unto us

You are

The Christ

Our salvation

The man of sorrows

You bore our sins

Shame and afflictions

You are Jesus

The victorious one

You are Lord of lords

King of kings

You are Jesus


© Catherine Maina 2020

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