Faithful friend

Always there

Through the

Highs and lows

Losses and gains

Pain and joy

In times of

Fear or bravery

Loneliness or companionship

Poverty or wealth

Health or illness

You were always there

You never left

When I was

At home or far away  

With family or without

When I had

A job or had none  

Much or little

Support or none

You were there

You never left

You are

A strong tower




Yet …


A counselor

A friend

A Father

A provider

A safe place  

You saw

The tears

The frustration

The disappointment

The failures

The successes

The enthusiasm

The lack of it

The foolishness

The bad decisions

The good decisions

All of it …

The shame

The embarrassment

Yet you never left

You were always there

A journey

A long journey

With miles to go


You are still here




Everything good

Everything noble

Everything worthy of praise

Everything perfect

You are


A friend forever

My God and my Lord

Thank you.

© Catherine Maina 2000

Psalms 36:5(ESV)

Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens,
    your faithfulness to the clouds.

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