My scars, His power.

As I let go

Green slimy stuff falls off my heart

Water flows

Washing over me

The wounds are still there

Jesus is waiting for me to forgive

The work of healing  begins

Water for cleansing

Oil for healing

Time for the mending

My scars a testimony of God’ s faithfulness

My scars His power

He never left me

He cried with me

He was beside me in my frustration

He was close by when my heart was breaking

He was standing there for me

Waiting to heal me

“Forgive and be healed.” He whisperes

Forgiveness a daily ritual

Jesus with us in this journey

Ever so gracious

Ever so patient

Be healed

Thank you Jesus!


I forgive you

Yet I am still in pain

Hurting from the injuries caused

Hurting from the losses  incurred

Loved ones suffer too

God is my hope

He will vindicate me

He is just

Forgiveness a daily ritual

Forgive us oh Lord as we forgive those who trespass against us

My hope is in Jesus

Justice will prevail

So as commanded I forgive


© Catherine Maina

Psalms 27:13 (NIV)

I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.


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