Go and sin no more


Caught in the very act of sin

My accusers are blood thirsty

I deserve it

I have sinned

The wages of sin are death

Forgiveness only through the blood of a spotless lamb

The law demands death for sin

And rightfully so

The weights must be balanced

The price must be paid

I am guilty

My enemies know it and so do I

Stealing, lying, slander and much much more


My fate is sealed


A hand on my shoulder

“All have sinned and fallen short.” He whispers

“None is righteous.”

They are in need of a saviour

An atonement for sin, a lamb

But not just any lamb

Lambs had been sacrificed before

Those sacrifices were not sufficient

Only God’s lamb

Will be sufficient

To take away the sins of men

Led to the slaughter house like a sheep

He did not protest

But laid down His life

And paid the required price

To set men free

But still some refuse to accept

So to me a sinner saved by grace He says

“Go and sin no more.”


© Catherine Maina 2019




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