New chapter series

Who is my neighbor?


But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbour?”


My neighbor

Robbed of life

Left alone to die

Treated like a piece of flesh

The right to life taken away


My neighbor

Exploited – money made from their death

Their murder

Robbed of the gift of life, laughter and family

Robbed of love

A sad and tragic thing


My neighbor





Treated unjustly

Not considered human

They say it is ‘just a mass of flesh’


My neighbor

Shall I stop and look at their plight?

Shall I stop to help?

Shall I pour oil on their wounds?

Shall I bandage their wounds?

Shall I pay for a safe place for them to stay?

Should I take responsibility and lend a helping hand?

Until my neighbor is  on their feet?

Or do I just walk away and look the other way?

Looking the other way is easier…


My neighbor has been robbed

Of a sacred gift

The gift of life

I must stop and help

God help us

To love our neighbor as ourselves

It could have been me

Left helpless to die alone





Worse still

Killed for profit

I cannot look away

Jesus help me

I cannot look away

© Catherine Maina 2019

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