New chapter series

The value of human life, the fight for life

God says

Let us create man after our own likeness

Let him have dominion


For God so loved the world

That He gave His only begotten son

That whosoever beliefs in Him shall not perish

But have everlasting life





Life is a gift

Life is to be lived

Life is worth living


His is mighty to save

His mercies are new every morning

He is committed to teaching us

How to live this life

A gift given

He wants to open our eyes

To see Him

To be restored

To be set free


I have come that you may have life and have life in all abundance

This life and the life after is worth living

Only in Jesus do we have everlasting life

God gives life

The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy



This is not a living being

It is a mass of tissue

Get rid of it

Destroy it

Flash it down the toilet

Kill it

In fact, kill it at birth


This is not a gift!

It is a burden

An inconvenience

An expense!

Life? You call this life?

A treasure? What is there to treasure?

Your life isn’t worth living

You are useless

A failure

Why live?

Kill this “gift” then kill yourself

Life has no value

Nobody cares



Whose voice will you believe?

Your creator’s or your enemy’s ?

To treasure or not treasure?

To value or not value?

To kill or not kill?

The creator’s creation



God is truth

He is not a man that He should lie

Value life

You are loved

You are treasured

Look to Jesus and live

Look to Jesus and live and let live

Let live

Choose life

This is the fight for life

Your life


© Catherine Maina 2019


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