New chapter series

I have thought it through

How can I save man?

From captivity and destruction

What will it take?

For man to be reconciled  with  Me

So fallen, so gone astray

I am holy, yet I desire to dwell among My people

They are enslaved by their own sins

What seems good to man leads to destruction

I sent my Son

My lamb lead to the slaughter house

A sacrifice acceptable, the price required paid

His blood sprinkled on man

Purifies him

Yet he continues to go astray

I will send a warning

Of the danger that lies ahead

If man continues in the path that he is walking

The enemy of his soul hates and despises  him

He wants to destroy him

Because I made man in My image

So I will warn him to turn away from his sin

So that the enemy of his soul will not have a case

Or grounds to torment and hold him captive

Will man listen to Me?

Will he accept and receive My prophet

One who will remind him to look to the cross

To his redeemer, the Christ, so that they may live

Will he kill My massagers and call My servants a mass of tissue

Who have no rights?

Who can be killed at birth?

I am sending them hope!

For in true repentance

There is forgiveness and healing

Oh man will you listen to My warning?

Stop killing my servants and massagers

I have sent them to you for a reason in this season

I am your hope!

© Catherine Maina 2019

Amos 3:7 (ESV)

“For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.



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