New chapter series

To the lady considering abortion

I don’t claim to know your pain

Nor have I walked in your shoes

I have been told to let you know that there is hope, a fresh start, a new day

If you will come to your creator, your God

He will never leave nor forsake you or your child

I am a scribe

The king’s scribe

I write as I am instructed to

The massage is that there is  hope

This is what He says to you

Let us begin

A new day

Let us walk together

You and I

You don’t have to do this alone

I will heal you

I will give you another chance

My grace is sufficient

In your weakness, My strength is evident

My daughter


Put your hope in Me

It is a new day

A new chapter of your life

Trust in Me

Don’t reply on your own understanding

Acknowledge Me while making your decision

And I will direct your path

Yes even in this tunnel, a valley

That you are in

You may have nothing to hope in

Nothing to smile about

But I am right here with you

Grab hold of  My helping hand

And watch  Me pull you out of the muck

He says

I understand your pain

Trust in Me

is there anything too difficult for Me?

 I am well able to provide for you and yours

God is good, all the time, He is good.

© Catherine Maina 2019

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