Life with Jesus

Adam where are you?

God’s desire

To dwell with man, to teach man His ways

Do life together

(Whatever you do, don’t do life without Jesus

Even the mundane)

Every good parent sets rules and boundaries

How much more our Father in heaven

God’s law stands- Moses

God’s law must be upheld

But man is weak

The secret to this possibility, revealed through the prophets – Isaiah

The promise, His name is Jesus

The secret is that a Messiah was needed to save mankind

Man’s freedom required for a righteous man to die – Numbers 35:28

For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is life eternal in Christ Jesus our Lord

The Law was upheld

No compromise, no corners were cut

A man had to die, the weights had to be balanced

Man can only fulfil His Law by abiding in Jesus our Lord

Justice and righteousness but also mercy – Micah

God’s mercy is the variable

God wants to dwell with man

What a mystery


© Catherine Maina 2019





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