I keep drifting back to love

I kept drifting  back to love

Drifting back to Your love Lord

Your love for me and for Your creation

As I search for answers

For wisdom and understanding

As I read Your word

Wanting to find You

Longing to know more about You

I keep drifting back to love

As I  draw closer to You

Mighty eternal God

As You draw my heart to Yours

The only thing that keeps

Coming back to my mind is

How much You love me

How much You love Your creation

A love too great to describe

Isn’t the earth filled with Your love

Oh how careful You were while putting everything together!

The law is an expression of Your love

Your desire to dwell with men

Fallen humans

You have shown us through Your law

That we are sinners

That we need a saviour

That we need you

Yet here is a savior so willing to rescue us

You are love

Praise and honor be Yours

For Your infinite love

Anywhere I look

Like a boot at the open sea

Pulled and pushed by the wind

I keep drifting back to love

Your love



© Catherine Maina 2019

3 Thoughts

  1. Beautiful. A comment you left on my blog went directly to my spam for some reason, but I did catch it. Your comments should go through from now on I believe.

    Liked by 1 person

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