9 Tips on Parenting (Guest writer – Maureen Maina)

9 Tips on Parenting


Most things come with an instruction book. But what about parenting?

A good parent doesn’t have to be perfect. No parent is perfect.

Let’s take you through tips that will improve your parenting skills


  1. Be a good role model

Walk the walk. Don’t simply tell your kid what you would like them to try to do. Show them. Children watch everything their parents do very carefully. Be the person you would like your kid to be, respect your child, show them positive behavior and attitude. If you feel super angry, take a time out and walk away. If you lose your cool, explain to the child that you did and that you wish you had not. Have empathy towards your child emotion and your child will follow suit.


  1. Show your child love through action

Loving your child can be as simple as giving them hugs, spending time with them and listening to their issues seriously. When one gives material indulgence, leniency and overprotection in place of love that is when you have a spoiled child. You simply cannot spoil a baby with several mushy words of heart and several smooches.

  1. Be a safe haven for your child

Let your child know that you are there for them by being sensitive to their needs. Be a warm, refuge for your kid to explore from. Your job is to assist your kid feel safe enough to talk about anything scary. Let your child have a meltdown in the safety of your arms.


  1. Be involved in your child’s life

Being a concerned parent takes time and is difficult work. It often means rethinking and rearranging your priorities. It often means that sacrificing what you would like to try to do for what your kid wants to do. Be there mentally as well as physically.

Schedule special time to spend with your child. Let your kid choose an activity daily and hang out with your child for ten or quarter-hour with no interruptions.


  1. Discipline

Set clear rules about pushing, hitting, sharing, and whatever else is most important to you. Make sure your child knows them. Be firm with your child. When a child breaks a rule impose a consequence quickly. You can also impose self discipline. Self-discipline is leaving behind one thing and doing the right thing.

  1. Cheer the good stuff

When you notice your child doing something helpful or nice, let them know how you feel. Nothing makes a child happier than the pride they feel when receiving praise from their parents. The desire for children to please the parents is so strong that it lasts right into adulthood.

  1. Provide a healthy diet

Research proves that there’s a right away correlation between later intelligence and early diet. Nutritionists recommend that babies and toddlers primarily eat homemade baby food that is freshly prepared to train their taste buds to select healthy foods later in life.


  1. Read to your child

When you read to your children you teach them that reading books is fun. Reading to children increases their vocabulary enormously. Children love listening to the sound of their parents’ voice. Ensure you establish a daily reading time especially when the children are wound down. Be prepared to end the story time any time the child’s attention begins to wander. Always use words your child can understand and show your child any pictures that accompany the story.


  1. Teach your children to be grateful

Talk to your child what it means to be a good person. Find ways to help others all year and involve your child by volunteering in the community. Explain to your children why values are important. Show your children to be kind, generous, honest and respectful. Do not raise a spoiled child. Every kid may be a treasure however no kid is that the center of the universe.


Final word


Raising children is the most difficult and most rewarding task a person can do. Parenting can be highly stressful and emotional overwhelming, just step back and give yourself a time out.

If you feel you’re unable to deal with the mental and emotional stress. Please divulge heart’s contents to individuals you trust or seek professional help.


© 2019 Maureen Maina

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