Authentic Living



Fear not my soul

No more shame

For tagging along behind fear, is fear’s big sister shame…

But be encouraged my soul and do not hide in shame anymore

I have a redeemer, each day my hope is restored

His love is so real

Like the rays of the sun on a cold rainy day

Everything changes

Many people, myself included live in shame

Hoping that no one ever finds out

About the skeletons hidden in the closet

Thankfully God has given us a formular, a key

For us to walk free from all shame, guilt and fear

We must turn to Him in repentance

In transparency let us cry out to Him in our weakness

He is a good Father, He will not cast a repentant heart away

His perfect love cast out all fear

Like a big block of ice will melt as soon the hot sun shines on it

My shame melts in His presence

He washes all fear and shame away

He sees us in our weakness

We must come to Him in our weakness and accept His help

For in our weakness His strength is made perfect

Authentic living

How can we feel safe unless there is a place?

Where there is unconditional love

Where even if we make mistakes

Where there is forgiveness if we ask

A soft place to fall

We cannot be authentic if we are hiding in shame

Knowing that God loves us gives us confidence

People are looking for something real, some thing authentic

May we be the light that the world so needs

For we know there is safe place to fall in His arms.


© Catherine Maina 2019

Dear heavenly Father, I fall on my knees before you. I am Your child, you see all of my weaknesses and yet you still love me. I come to You and I run into your arms, I am safe there. I am not hiding in shame anymore I am safe in Your arms. I receive Your love, no more shame, I step out free, free in You free to be a blessing to others. I cannot serve others if I am wounded and hiding in shame. I take courage in You  Father. Amen.




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