Tell them I love them.


I would like to post on my blog today, what should I write about? Is there something You want me to tell Your children Lord?


Tell then I love them

There are nail scars on My hands and on My feet

My arms are open to receive those who come to Me

My ears are open to hear the cries of My own

My heart is burning with love for the lost

Tell them that I am waiting for them to come home

Tell them I love them


Love, such a simple message yet so powerful.

Jesus :

My love heals. Some people have never been told that they are loved. Others think that the more they perform the more that I will love them. They are my children I love them for who they are not because they are perfect, tell them that I love them dearly.


So the massage from our savior is that He loves us. He loves those who are lost and hopeless. Oh how he would like to gather them in His arms as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. Jesus loves you.


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