Because I have been made holy…

Because I have been made holy…

Remember and obey my laws. I am the Lord, and I have made you holy.

Lev 20:80


I will not be immoral

I refuse to live a lie

I chose the narrow path

Not because I want to be holy but because I have been made holy

Grace flows in abundance

For those that go to the Father’s throne

And cry out in their weakness

He finds them there

He sees them

And pours out grace abundantly

Supernatural strength

To live a holy life

Even when sin is so enticing

“Come on, just this once…” or when offers are made, “Imagine how this will make you feel… so free, so young, so modern…”

Yet it all leads to death

Immorality leads to death

At the end of its road

Is a promise unfulfilled

The promised pleasure is nothing but a mirage

A thirst that cannot be quenched

which leaves you wanting more

like a  vicious cycle that leaves you feeling empty

Is it worth it, to taste that fruit and lose your very soul?

Will you give up your inheritance for a bowl of soup?

Will you give up your birthright for temporary “satisfaction”?

My soul, follow the paths that lead to life

Choose life!

For God is willing to lead me in paths of righteousness for His name sake

Trust in the Lord

For He maketh thee holy

Help me Lord Jesus


2019 © Catherine Maina

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