Song of redemption


Saints and angles singing

Heavenly voices

A melody so sweet

A new song

The song of redemption

To the lamb sitting on a throne

To the Father from whom all things come

A song from the heart

Thanks giving and praise

The saints cry out In humility

With their hearts open

To Him who paid the price of their redemption

With His very life

With tears streaming down my face I sing

Rightfully Yours is my praise

Rightfully Yours is my worship

Rightfully Yours is my adoration

Rightfully Yours my God and my Father

Is all my love

When I look back and I see what You brought me through

How You have walked with me

How much it cost to purchase my soul

Yet You still wait for my decision

To say yes

I say yes, yes to you

Thank you Lord Almighty


© Catherine Maina 2018

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