The perfect spouse


The perfect spouse

He goes with her through fire

He gives her gifts exceedingly

He gave His very life for her

Died for her

He never slumbers nor sleeps

He keeps watch over her

He protects and provides for her supernaturally

What a spouse

The perfect spouse


He is faithful to her

He waits on her patiently

He woes her daily

To come away with Him

Even when He sees her wander off

Destructed by the things of this world

He waits for her, fights for her

He endows her with gifts

So that through her, He may reach out to the lost ones

the lost sheep that  belong to Him

Through His imperfect bride

Surely if He can love her

He can love anyone  who is seeking and searching for Him

searching for love and  peace

He is her peace, her shalom

His words to me concerning her are, “encourage her.”

What a spouse

The perfect spouse

He is

Her savior

Her Lord

Her healer

Her provider

Her defender

Her bridegroom

Her shalom

Her all

© Catherine Maina 2018


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