The feast of tents – Sukkot

God dwelling among men

The feast of tents – Sukkot

What is man that You oh Lord are mindful of him?

The son of man that You care for Him?

Yet countless times, You visit me

What could I ever give  You?

A present  befitting  of a King

Almighty, omnipotent God

You own everything

Yet you desire to commune with man

Mere man, with a lifespan is so short,  that it is compared  to a breath of vapor

Man, who comes from dust and returns to dust

God most powerful, maker of heaven and earth

I can’t wait to for Your visits

So that we may eat and dwell together

Come oh Lord and find Your resting place

With us who love Your Son Jesus

Your precious Son, the King of kings

We have built a tent for You

Come and dwell in our hearts

King Jesus the King of kings and the King of our hearts

The feast of tents has began

Our King walks in and takes His place

The highest place in our hearts

A special place,  He is our first love

It is the feast of tents

God communes with man

Emanuel, God with us


©2017 Catherine Maina


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