You are Royalty

You are Royalty

When I see Jesus, I see the King of kings, a King with kind eyes and a gentle smile, yet still the King. Everything is under His authority, when He walks into a room, everything makes room for Him. His words few, but powerful, “I am the King of kings, you are My child. You are royalty.”

I whisper back in shock, “I am royalty? Even after all the mistakes I have made?” With loving kindness He says, “Yes you are royalty.”


The Battlefield.

You are royalty?

Yes I am

Who are your parents?

Where do you come from?

Where is your royal robe?

Where do you live?

Where is your wealth? What is your net-worth?

Why do you look so “normal”?


I am royalty.

My robe is in my Father’s house.

My wealth Is where my heart is, I have given my heart to my Lord, Jesus Christ.

The earth is filled with His possessions, I lack nothing.

I may look “normal” yet even though I am in the world,  I am not of the world,

I have been adapted into the family of God through Christ.

Jesus Christ has restored me by washing me with His precious blood, He has saved me and rescued me from sin.


His ways are not like our ways.

He stretches His hand and says, “I am the King of kings and the Lord of lords and you are My child therefore you are royalty.”

I accept and I receive this truth from My savior. Immediately, I see a picture of Christ with a towel wrapped around His waist ready to wash the disciple’s feet. Royalty does come with the responsibility of serving others. His ways are indeed not like our ways… still, I am royalty.

©2017 Catherine Maina

5 Thoughts

  1. We are indeed royalty – a royal priesthood and a holy nation. Your post is an excellent reminder.


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