Oh behold the King of the Jews

He dragged the cross along the Via Dolorosa

His back bleeding in the scourching sun

They had already whipped Him

Pontus Pilates had offered to release Him after the beating

But they wanted Him exposed for all to see

“Bring me a board,”  He said

On it he wrote the words

‘The King of the Jews’

“No! He is not our King!” They cried

“What I have written I have written!” He said

This King was about to draw the whole world to Himself

As He was lifted, He drew her to Himself

A foreign lady drawn with cords of love

As He took her blame and paid the price for her freedom

For anyone who would accept Him he said “come.”

He won her heart

There was no turning back now

He now lives

She now adores Him

His bride

The King of the Jews became her bridegroom

Oh the mystery of love

Behold the King of the Jews

©2017 Catherine Maina
All rights reserved.


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