Believe, believe,  believe.

Dear Child,

So now you have come have accepted My son, the greatest gift  I could ever give. Through My son , you have life,  He is life, He is everything you could ever want,  He is in  Me.

Believe in Me because in Me you will find life. Apart from me there is decay thus death . I am the One who refreshes your soul. I AM your  what you have been looking for. I AM your answer , I Am you Father.

Isaiah 41:8

 “But you, Israel, My servant,
Jacob whom I have chosen,
Descendant of Abraham My friend.

I have many children but very few friends. Abraham believed in Me – He did what I asked him to do. You too can make this transition, you can be My friend, do you believe My word? do you read My word? I am inviting you to come closer and  closer to Me, deep calls upon deep.

My dear child will you accept My invitation?

Your loving Father

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